Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back From Camp Lutherhaven

Good morning, it is Saturday.

As I type this blog I am watching the final time trial and the second last day of the the Tour de France.  I have enjoyed watching this bicycle race for several summers in a row.  Once the Tour ends, summer is nearly half way over.  Looking forward to the Olympics in a short time.

Yesterday morning at 6:30am I met Kelly at church to begin our extremely long drive to pick up the kids from Lutherhaven and bring them home.  It was a very long day as we didn't get home until after 8:30pm!  I had never been to camp Lutherhaven, so it was nice to check it out.  Hansen and a dozen or so of his friends spent the whole week there and had a great time.  The drive home was very fun for all the kids too!  The first part was very stormy, eventually we stopped for a nice dinner at Dairy Queen, and all the while the kids had fun texting back and forth with kids in other cars.
 This is the Lutherhaven sign in the parking lot.
 Hansen made it up this huge climbing wall with the encouragement of his friends!  Once on top the kids had to zip line down.  Good for Hansen and the other campers...I'd been terrified!
A view of lake Coeur d'alene.  The setting of Camp Lutherhaven is amazing.  And it has been there for quite a long time.  Back when Maren camped there as a middle schooler it had been a camp for a long time already!

Check out Lillie's cute new haircut:
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

VERY cute haircut! How cool that Camp Lutherhaven has been there so long.

sussah said...

Beautiful haircut! I like this better than the one they did for Lillie at Disneyland. love, susanna