Monday, July 23, 2012

An Orondo Vacation.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We are back from a great weekend in Eastern Washington!  We stayed in Mark and Susan's cabin/house in Orondo.  And it was not just us, there were 16 of us.  Preston actually was not there as he spent the weekend in Beaverton Oregon with his old soccer team hanging out with them as they played in a tournament.  The weather was so nice in Orondo, it was in the upper 80's during the day and cooled off some at night.  Right now at home the heater just kicked on at is is like 60 degrees and you see why the upper 80's is such an nice vacation break.
 Once over the mountain pass it doesn't take long for the world to look a bit different.  No trees, just browned hills.  Well, some trees and green where the irrigation brings the water to the orchards.  This picture was taken from the driver's seat of Stef's Acura!  That's right, we traded cars for the drive over so Ben and Abbi could bring friends.  On the way back I was back in my van.  The ride home was like an hour longer...the traffic or the car?  I say both.
 A slanted picture of Kyra and Lillie having a great and silly time throwing things on the roof, gettig them stuck, throwing other things back up there to get the stuck things.  Just goofy summer fun.
 Maren and her cousin Susan.  While there Susan and I ran into some folks we both knew.  Me from from jr. high years and Susan from College years. It was fun to catch up for a bit.
 Six kids slept out on the deck under the stars.  Lillie is still sleeping away in the green sleeping bag. She had the good spot as the grill hid the bright morning sun from waking her up super early.
 The neighborhood where we stayed has a community center and pool.  Hansen loved hanging out at the pool...I mean the pool table.
 Hansen and Tyler hamming it up for the camera.
 Packing up to leave, one last smile for the camera for Lillie and Kyra.
For the drive back we stopped at Cider Works for some slurpee drinks.  Hansen has apple cider while Lillie choose cherry.  We also stopped by a fruit stand to pick up a box of peaches.  Great trip.

See you tomorrow.

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