Monday, July 09, 2012

An Airplane?

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we attended Bethany Baptist Church in Puyallup.  Why?  Because Maren's cousin's son Alex was being his grandfather.  Cool huh?  Yes, it was cool.  But Baptist do things differently than Lutherans do so it was also very interesting.  I was raised as a Baptist but switched to Lutheran about the time I got married (you figure that one out) so I knew about the total submersion baptism.  Lutherans baptize as babies and there is lots of liturgy and very little water.  The Baptist Church had very little liturgy, but lots of water.
 VBS starts today for Bethany and they had a real airplane in their sanctuary!  How cool is that?  This church also does a ton of music with real a rock and roll set up.  Kraig is the lead music pastor and does an amazing job.  Rock and roll singing and an airplane are also things you may not find at our church:)  Im glad we were there.

Afterwards we ended up at the pool.  Actually I think we have been at the pool like three days in a row, and we may end up there tonight as well.  Preston has soccer, but not the rest of us.
See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

A plane? Wow, very cool. We went to the pool today, too.