Monday, June 04, 2012

Zebra Print Birdie?

Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend flew by.  We did plenty, from an amazing end of year BBQ for my work, Hansen's soccer game, Lillie 's pool party, shopping at the SuperMall, Church, yard work, house cleaning, play dates with friends, garage sale shopping, and even 9 holes of golf.  And yes, I have a few pictures for you:
 Last night I took the boys out for twilight golf at Jade Green Golf Course.  The course is perfect for a fun round of twilight golf with these kids.  And to be fair, the boys are big enough to keep up with the speed of play and even hit a good shot or 2 every now and then.  In fact, Preston hit his first drive with his hybrid club farther and straighter than me...then hit his 100 yard second shot to about eight feet...and made the putt!  He birdied the first hole!  Hansen may have had even more fun by loosing his ball into the driving range:)

The evening before Preston kept wanting to go to the outlet stores.  He now uses the "I will drive" reasoning too.  But I don't like to just waste my $4.30 gallons of gas just because, so we went closer to the SuperMall of Auburn.  Lillie had tons of fun, and Preston found many a good thing to add to his wish list.
 Lillie looking for miles and miles after some grueling mountain climbing.
 These glasses have a built in mustache!  How cool!
 Lillie found her perfect size mannequin at Justice.  Freaky huh?  
And possibly the best find ever!  A Zebra on the carousel.  Lillie is all about Zebra print on everything these days.  She has a zebra sweatshirt, shirt or two, and even a zebra pillow pet.  And by the looks of all the stuff we found (to look at) at the mall, zebra print is totally "in".  For some reason I don't have a shopping log of Preston.  It was all shoes and leather jackets for him.  But thankfully for my wallet, we did leave empty handed.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

If Lillie likes zebra print, it must be in! I love the "looking for miles" pic!