Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Preston's Soccer Practice/ Seattle Sounders Women

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was my day to drive Preston's soccer carpool to Starfire for practice.  The field is 25 mins away and practice is 90 minutes long, so on driving day I just stay at Starfire and watch practices or games or whatever.  Yesterday was a Seattle Sounders Women Team match.  The place was totally buzzing.  So after dropping the boys off, I walked around to the front of the stadium to catch some action.
 I hung out next to the entrance for a bit.  I got to see the excitement of the players walking through the tunnel as well as the girl who sung the national anthem.  The singer was hanging with her friend and could have been just a normal fan.  Then she sang, very well I might add, then came back and just went and hung out in the bleachers.  It was all so low key...she went and sung in front of all those fans like it was nothing.
Here the players are coming on to the field.  Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, and the rest were all in attendance.  It was fun to see the superstars of Women's soccer.  There were tons of kids very excited.
 I didn't have a ticket so I was happy to just check things out, then go back over to Preston's soccer practice on the other side of the bleachers.  But someone gave me a ticket so I went in a watched for a bit.  As you can see the crowd was a very good size.
The coolest part for me was being able to go to the top of the bleachers and off the back I could easily see Preston's soccer practice.  If I turned around it was the Sounder's Women.  So this pic if the field from the top of the bleachers.  
And here I am turned around watching Preston's team run and run and run and run.  Usually I like to watch field 4 from the top of the bleachers, but it is not always the Sounder's in the stadium.
After the boy,s practice they were given tickets to the bleachers side.  We went and watched the game for 20 minutes, but wanted to get out before the rush.  This is Preston and a friend.  About half the team stuck around.  The Sounders were up 2-0 when we left.  It was very fun to be there and we saw plenty of folks we knew which was fun too.  I am still amazed how fun the evening turned out to be...especially since us carpoolers don't usually love our carpool driving days...I mean, we carpool so we don't have to do this everyday, right?

See you tomorrow.

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Thanks for share. Love Alex Morgan!