Saturday, June 02, 2012

Our Christmas Card?

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a very much anticipated day around the state of Washington.  Yesterday was the first day that hard liquor was available for sale at retail stores.  Up until yesterday if you wanted hard liquor you had to go to state run liquor stores.  Now you just go anywhere.  Like Costco.  So that is just what we did!
The liquor isles were packed!  That is not actually where we spent most of our time or most of our money (but maybe a little of each), but we did do a flyby.  And took a picture.  When I stopped the flow of traffic for this picture I had more than a couple of folks laughing thinking that this should be our Christmas Card...Day one, Costco liquor isle...Christmas is in June this year!  In all the fun, I chose not to snap a retake.

So if not spending all of our money on booze, what did we spend our money on you ask?  Pizza!  As well as new eye glasses and contact lenses for Maren.  The girl's got to see!  She is anxiously awaiting her new fancy purple glasses that will turn dark in the sunshine.  Once Maren has those glasses, she will be anxiously awaiting the sunshine...and a clear calendar so she can sit on the back deck and read in the sunshine without squinty eyes.  Yeah, haha...what's a clear calendar?

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Interesting about the liquor store change. Here in Florida there are little private liquor stores and also some grocery stores like Publix and Winn Dixie have a liquor store right next door. Maren's new glasses sound nifty!

sussah said...

I've already got on contacts over which I wear progressive reading glasses! So rather than try to convince the Eyemasters to make me a pair of sunglass progressive reading glasses, I just go read in the shade. that's a funny picture! love, susanna

Molly said...

May I chime in? In NH we have State Liquor stores but you can buy wine and beer in other places (grocery stores). Residents of Mass., Vermont and Maine like NH State Liquor Stores. NH likes their business.

I have tri-focals in photo-sensitive glass and love them. No need to have multiple pairs for different distances nor separate sunglasses. Family member do not like the way they remain somewhat-dark though in photographs.

Doesn't everyone take their Christmas Card Photo at Costco?

Amber said...

Our Costco sells wine and beer in the main area, and has a little Costco liquor store attached that is not open on Sundays. It's been awhile since I've bought booze...

Andy said...

Nice post I like