Monday, June 11, 2012

Lucy, science, soccer, camp, and a cat.

Good morning, it is Monday.

I have a ton of pictures to share for today's blog!  I'm having a hard time seeing them as my computer monitor died and I am using a very small one from "back in the day" until I get the new one fixed or replaced.  OK, glasses are on...lets get started:

My cousin Emily and her husband Sumanth welcomed their daughter Lucy Lark into the world!  Huge congratulations! I snagged this picture of Emily and Lucy napping off Facebook, I hope you don't mind...I think it is great!
 The rest of my blog will just be have fun:
Science fair weekend at our house.  The science fair is on Tuesday and these projects had to be done.  I helped Lillie and her friend by taking pictures, they giggled, goofed off, and did an excellent job completing their project.
Hansen had an experiment to do as well.  But rather than help, Hansen did this all by himself.  In fact, I was at the pool with Maren and Lillie while Hansen just got on task and worked away.  Good going Hansen.  This plan was better for everyone's blood pressure.

Besides the science projects, Preston had a soccer tournament hosted by the Washington Premier club.  Just getting in and out of the parking lot (field) was it's own adventure.  Rain had turned this grass field into a mud field.  It was like driving in snow.
Today I may have to give the truck a bath.  It is covered in mud.  The van stayed home...Maren thinks it was because I didn't mind trashing the old pick-up truck, but in reality the van was out of gas and I just didn't want to take the time or the money to fill it up.  

Besides, the truck did great.  And so did Preston.

The team lost the first game, won the second and third.  In their six team division they ended up third.  The other bracket may have had it easier, but that is the way tournaments go.  Good tournament overall.  Preston had an assist the first game and scored all the goals in the second and third games.  In this picture he is being chased down field...
 Now making some cool moves on a way to a perfect crossing shot.

OK, you thought you were done with my blog huh?  Not quite.  Friday Hansen got back from sixth grade camp.  He had a great time.  He took my little weather proof camera (and is thinking he may keep it, as he used it for his science fair project and has not given it back) and took some great pictures.  The following pictures are all taken by Hansen at camp:
 On a group hike.
 Mr. Lawrence came out for an evening and took his small group out for a hike and a fire pit.  Hansen has some great stories and was telling me all about the different types of plants while mountain bike riding last night.
 Wow.  I think this is Hansen's small group having fun on the hike with Mr. Lawrence.  They are in a 5th/6th split class and Mr. Lawrence stayed behind to teach his and another 5th grade class.  He came out to hang with his 6th graders for an evening...the small group had a great time.
 I should have Hansen commentating, but he is off to school.
Another hiking picture.  It rained the whole time they were out camping, but that didn't seem to dampen the kid's spirits any.  Yeah, I'm good with the puns.
 Nope, this is not a wild cat from camp...this is Ranger napping on the arm of the couch.  The littles like taking pictures of the cats.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Hi Julian, thanks for putting up that darling photo of Emily & Lucy. Sally traveled up to Boston yesterday. these other photos on this post are good too, they really give a sense of being there. love, sp

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Emily and Lucy, too. What a bunch of great photos and science projects! And even Ranger got into the act!

sussah said...

I was thinking about our family members on the Clark/Slane side of things-- Lucy is the youngest of her generation of cousins. (but only for about 6 weeks....) nice to think of everyone at the same time, all of us together. Love, susanna