Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy Father's Day to me, my dad, and John.  And to any other dads out there like Chuck and Derek.  We had a very nice Father's day.  After Church it was over to John and Carol's house for a family gathering.  I helped cook the burgers and there was tons of other yummy stuff was on the table...yeah, I don't really know how it happens but when we show up at Carol's house yummy stuff is like magically on the table.  Cool huh?  At one point John had all three of his daughters hanging out on the back deck with him, and I know he enjoyed that.  Once everyone left we had a fun game of Apples To Apples with our five and John and Carol.  Then once we got home I was able to be talking to my dad on the phone while we watched the last couple of holes of the US Open then the last minute of the the Basketball game.  And the Heat won.  So yeah, very nice Father's day.
 Lillie made me this great card with matching box of goodies.
Driving to John and Carol's house was like being in a Limo.  I was in the back as Preston was driving.  Maren was up front with the kiddo.  
 In the middle of the day it was nap time on the comfy chairs for some.  A walk to the park for Jack, Avery, Lillie, Carol, and Mel.  Maren and I walked the other way to check out her old pool.  She walked or rode her bike to this pool every summer day as a kid.  It is very nice and I can see why she loves the Kent Pool that we belong to so much.
Derek was out golfing at Highlands so he missed his birthday candles.  I did send him this picture so I guess that counts.  Here Lillie and Abby are blowing out the candles in his honor.
Two Pink Flamingos!  John got these for me for Father's Day, but we all know they are really for Maren!  They are pretty amazing.  I think Lillie loves these pink flamingos just as much as Maren must have as a kid.  By the time we got home they were assembled and before even getting in the door Lillie had them set up in the the flower baskets out front.
This next picture is of Sebatian.  He is the son of a co-worker of Marens.  We went to his graduation party on Saturday.  Sebatian and his friends are a great bunch of kids and it was fun to be at his party.  
Sebatian said his grandma made him this lei.  It was so cool because each of these little flower things are actually perfectly folded dollar bills!  There was a pig to eat and just like at Carol's house, the most amazing food was just on the tables.  How cool is that?

Off to the last couple days of school, See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pink flamingos! Happy Father's Day! Go Heat!