Friday, June 15, 2012


Good morning, it is Friday!

Just a few more days of school for this year!  I think we can make it.  Last night was the little's school carnival.  It was very well attended and as usual the kids had a great time.  The carnival had everything from bouncy things to dunk tanks to pizza and miniature golf.
 Toward the end of the night Hansen had extra punches on his punch card.  Here he and a friend are buying as many sodas as they can just to use up the last of their punch cards.
 At the miniature golf.  This was probably not the biggest hit of the night, but it was only one punch, gave out great prizes...and best of all, I was helping run the show for the second half of the carnival.  Not so sure these two are the safest of golfers.
 This is the pitch speed ball thrower thing.  My friend Jim, trying to best the kid's high speeds.  My best was like 53 mph.  Not so fast.  The best we heard of was 65 mph.
 Lillie doing some very high bouncing.
 Angry Birds sling shot game.
And the dunk tank.  No, this is not Hansen, it is his friend.  The dunk tank was only for 6th graders, but Hansen decided not to go in.  Many other did and it always draws a huge crowd.  The carnival was great this year.

See you tomorrow.

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