Saturday, June 23, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Good evening, it is Saturday Night!

No, I'm not hosting SNL...not that I couldn't!  I'm just blogging about today because I'm going to take a few days off from blogging.

Lillie had to be at the Renton Ikea PAC at 9:00 am for dress rehearsal.  Stef showed up to bring her lunch, help with makeup at noon, then help with her outfit change between dances.  Stef was a huge help today as Maren was not here.  The rest of us including John and Carol showed up around 12:30 to wait in line.  We got fine seats and enjoyed a great show.  The littlest dancers were freaking me out as I kept thinking them may just fall off the front of the stage.  There was an amazing mix of tap, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and break dancing.  The performance team is called Fusion...perfect name huh?

 Just after the show with her flowers and water.  Nice job Lillie.  Lillie did a jazz dance to Call Me Maybe and a masquerade ballet performance.  She was great.
The whole crew.  Lillie, Stef, Carol, John, Preston, and Hansen.  Maren was getting updates via text message as she is at the ALA conference in Anaheim California.  At this very minute she is enjoying the very last performance ever of the Rock Bottom Remainders.  Yeah, if you know who they are, you know how cool that is!

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

I have not actually heard them in person but have read *OF* the Rock Bottom Remainders (Dave Barry, Amy Tan, Stephen King, Barbara Kingsolver and probably others) so WOW, what a treat. And of course they would play at at ALA conference, well, duh!

Ellen said...

Lillie looks beautiful! How cool that Maren got to see the last performance of the RRRs. Their founder, Kathi Kamen Goldmark's death was well-publicized here - very sad, but what an amazing lady!

Amber said...

Aurora came home this week singing Call Me Maybe. I've honestly never heard it (I feel so old now), but it's hilarious coming out of a 4 year olds mouth!

Have you been to my blog this week? You got a mention on Tuesday... I think it would be worth your time to read it ;)