Monday, May 28, 2012

Walk a cat?

Good morning, it is Monday.

We all have the day off from school and work in observation of Memorial Day!  Today we are resting...for now anyhow.

I haven't blogged for a few days, so I do have some pictures to share:
Friday was Art Docent day in Lillie's class.  This will be the last art day of the year...and maybe the last art day of my art docent carrier!  Thanks to the wonderful news that Lillie qualified for the highly capable program (that makes 3...the boys also went through the highly capable program), she will now be in a class where parents will be fighting to be the art docent:)  And I don't plan on joining in on that fight.  We made aluminum foil sculptures.  Actually we used pipe cleaners to form the sculptures, then aluminum foil to wrap the pipe cleaner skeletons.  They turned out very well:
These are just some of the statues.  A couple of kids had enough time to make two statues.  You can see Lillie's in the front, her person is walking a cat on a leash...or is the cat is walking the person?
Directly after school I took the littles to join Maren at Judy and Larry's house for dinner.  Larry made us an amazing shredded beef hamburger type meal with all the fixings.  It was great!  They live next to a large ravine that we had to explore.  The kids counted 99 steep scary stairs down to this sign:
Lillie's look says it all,"What is wrong with my brother Hansen?  Can't he read?"
This weekend also brought over 130 soccer teams to the PacNW Memorial Cup, a large tournament hosted by Preston's club, PacNW and held at the Starfire complex.  I did volunteer from 6:30 to 10:30 on Saturday morning checking in teams and playing minor troubleshooter.  I also watched most of Preston's game.  Preston had a great tournament as did his team.  They were in the highest level bracket along with the u-17 boys.  Twice they had to face the WPFC Black team which is last years state champions.  This team has 6 boys leaving to the Sounders Academy in a month and are a very impressive team.  The first game they tied at 2, then in the semifinals we got beat 2-1.  Preston scored 3 amazing goals over the weekend and has fit in very nicely with this new team. 
 Preston with a few new teammates having lunch between games.
After spending tons of time at the soccer fields it was a nice break to take Lillie to the pool a couple of times.  Yesterday evening we picked up her friend Maddie and a pizza and practically had the whole place to ourselves.  In this picture Lillie and Maddie are the only ones in the whole pool!  Preston stayed to watch his old team play, and Hansen decided to ride his bike to McDonald's with friends rather than hang with us at the pool.

Maren is under the weather a bit, but may rally to make the Memorial Day 50% sale at Value Village.  We will see where today takes us.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

We hope Maren feels better and makes it to the Value Village sale! Congrats to Lillie for getting into the h.c. program!

johnpeterjohn said...

I'm sure he will enjoy more..
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