Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spellchecker doesn't like the word pictureless.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

This week is flying by, I have an art program to plan for Friday that I have not given enough thought to just yet.  Yikes.

Yesterday evening led us in different directions again.  We have officially entered our "busy" time with the age of our kids and their activities.  It is funny because the other day we were talking to a neighbor and with slightly older kids and she was saying how this is just the "busy" time.  No doubt she is right, good to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The funny thing is, while we may very well be an overbooked family, each kid is not overbooked.  Preston should get his drive's license in like 4 months...that will help:)

Yesterday evening Preston went to his school's trade show.  I took him and attended for an hour as well.  It was very well done.  Products and services from custom homes to bicycle shops to food chains were all represented.  I picked up fliers and some little knick knacks too.  Preston saw plenty of friends and had a good time.  Maren really wanted to go to this event, but she couldn't because Lillie had dance pictures.  Lillie was looking excellent (of course) for her dance photos, and she gets to do it all again on Thursday for her other class.  And not to be left out, just after dropping Preston back at home I took Hansen to his soccer team's meeting.  We will soon find out if Lillie made the competition dance team and we know about Hansen and Preston's soccer.  Yup busy, I don't remember if I even had dinner last night?

I wish I had pictures from the trade show and from Lillie's pictures, but nope.  I didn't take any at the trade show as not to totally embarrass Preston and myself.  I just enjoyed being there.  Maren did send me a very cute photo message of Lillie in her outfit, but the rest of you will have to wait until the pictures come out or you can attend the recital and see both outfits and performances.  Hansen's team meeting was pictureless as well...paperworkless, nope.

See you tomorrow.

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