Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soccer Dazzle.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a fun soccer day for Preston even though he didn't even touch a soccer ball.  And yes, I even have a couple of pictures to help with the stories.
 This first picture is of Preston at The Iron Grill in Covington.  A friend of his told him that his picture was on the reader board so we went to check it out.  Sure enough, many of the local sports pics were there...and the owner made Preston sign the picture.  It was a Rock Star moment for Preston:)
Last night was the banquet for the school soccer teams.  All three teams (Varsity, JV, and C) were recognized.  Our neighbor Connor won Most Inspirational on the C Team.  Preston received his school letter and a special recognition for SPSL Honorable Mention.  His team (Varsity only) was given a special award from the WIAA for having a team GPA of higher than 3.2.  Nice going fellas!  The coach gave Preston some high praise as well, saying that Preston was the fastest and most coachable player he has ever coached, and hoped to have Preston around for a few more years but wouldn't be surprised if the an Academy team snatches him up before he gets that chance.  Thanks coach.

Hansen and Lillie came to the banquet very reluctantly, but they did have no trouble enjoying cookies and such.  I think they enjoyed seeing Preston get his awards.  It is crazy how different the C team of mostly 9th grader looked compared to the 12 seniors on the Varsity team.  The difference was from goofy kids to men.  Preston and the other Freshman on the Varsity team (Brian) are somewhere in the middle I would say.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, how wonderful that Preston and Connor are doing so great!