Thursday, May 10, 2012


Good morning, it is Thursday.

This week is crazy busy.  So much so that our family members hardly recognize each other anymore.  Last night Hansen had a local Hershey's track meet that Maren and Lillie attended.  Hansen finished 1st in the long jump and 1st in the 100 yard dash!  Preston was on the other end of of the county at his first high school soccer playoff game.  They lost, but it was a seeding match and looking at the brackets, loosing may be a blessing in disguise.  We all got back together around 8:30pm.  The next few days are just the same with Lillie's dance, Preston's soccer practice, and Hansen's soccer tryouts.  This schedule is not Maren's preferred way to live, and after typing this short blurb, it does seem kind of crazy.  It will slow down a bit in the short term, then in a few years it will drop off completely and we will probably miss it.  But for the now, it is a challenge.

I have a couple of pictures from this weekend to share:
 We had a very nice time at John's family 75th birthday party.  We had some very nice conversation, great food, and the kids got to hang with their cousins.  What could be better?  In this picture John is telling us how fast time quickly you go from being the youngest person in the room to the oldest person in the room.  You can see Hansen thinking to himself, "yeah right, I'll be 75 someday?  You're joking!" grandpa is saying, "Yeah right, I'm 75?  You're joking!".  Good party!
Later I took Preston to Soccer West.  He picked up some new cleats, and is dreaming of jerseys.  Each of these jerseys cost how much?  Yup, $75.00.  I do make sure he has very good shoes and stuff that will help with the performance of the his sport...but seventy-five bucks for a shirt?  Nope.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Wow, Happy Birthday John! Words of wisdom. I definitely feel like I'm right in the middle now, and I wish I could slow down time...

iris said...

happy birthday!!

sussah said...

By all accounts, time just goes faster and faster as you go along. So I'm glad you are aware of all this & especially that you are enjoying the present time. We can think of the past, and the future, but the only time we can actually do anything is right now. It sounds like a nice birthday party for John. love, susanna

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