Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

We had a very busy weekend, capped off by a very nice trip to the pool for Mother's Day.
 Saturday morning took us to opening day of the pool!  And Hansen's Jr. Olympics track meet.  While Maren, John, and Carol were at the track meet, I took Lille to the opening day pancake feed at the pool.  We missed part of the track meet, but they missed bacon.
 Hansen won the long jump, and his relay team finished third.  Great track meet Hansen!  This picture is of his relay team getting their third place ribbons.
 Hansen and track coach Mr. Lawrence.  Mr. Lawrence is also Hansen's 6th grade teacher.  Mr. Lawrence also worked with John "back in the day" as they say.  Hansen has been very lucky to have him as his teacher this year.  Preston had him as a track coach, but not as a classroom teacher.

After the track meet Maren and gang took Hansen to his soccer game.  I drove an hour south to watch Preston play in Kentlake's playoff game.  Both teams lost 1-2.  Sounds like both games were excellent games, but the results were not on our side this time.  In the world of Hansen soccer, he also completed tryouts for a Maple Valley Rapids select team and has accepted a spot on the team.  We now have two boys in select or premier soccer and Lillie tries out for the performance dance team this weekend.  If you have any question where all our money and time goes...now you know.  Yes, I'm even talking about all the money and time that we don't have.
Preston getting ready for the opening kick off.  This team had a dozen seniors that will be graduating in a month.  Next years team will look very different, but I'm thinking it has the potential to be quite good.    
Sunday after church we all headed to the pool for perfect weather, bbq burgers, perfect weather and plenty of fun.  While I didn't get pictures of all the moms, I did get this amazing photo!  Yup, taken from the pages of SpongeBob's 7-mile spanking machine, this is our spanking machine.  Jack and Avery are the only ones brave enough to make the trip.  Actually this was just a game of soccer that somehow evolved.  What is the opposite of evolved?

Yes, Maren had breakfast in bed made by and surrounded by her kiddos.  I even have pictures, but none of them past inspection and will just live on a memory card rather than on the web.  

Hope the rest of you moms who read this blog had a great Mother's Day too!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...


So, Soos Creek got first place, eh?

I hope Maren, Carol, Mel & Court all had a great Mother's Day!!!

Julian Slane said...

Soos Creek did win this relay! I think Sunrise won the whole thing. I always vote for the kid's schools, but I do have a soft spot for Soos Creek, Meridian Jr. High, and Kentridge:)

Trying not to devolve.

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day too Amber!