Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A birthday, bike month, and some doodles.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was the first day of MSP testing at our school.  Since I was a proctor for a small group, I didn't have a very busy day.  Of course I can proctor a test like a champ, but without using electronics, I had some time to kill.  And since yesterday was also the first day of Bike Month, I decided to wheels...kind of like I have been doing since I was a kid:
 My road bike.  A GT Rapid Transit.  This is the bike I ride to work each day.  It was parked outside at school while I doodled...but I didn't need to post a picture of it all alone in the bike rack like I did on Facebook.  I have kind of given my newer road bike to Hansen.
 My mountain bike.  A GT idrive.  Both my bikes are over 10 years old GT bikes, but it works because my truck is:
 An old Mazda.  And I'm old.  And this old Mazda was given to me by a guy who is super old...John Ostergard (how was that for a segue?).  Yup, today is Maren's dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday John!

Unrelated but interesting news.  I took this picture of the board in the staff room:
Two of the football players who were picked up by the Cleveland Browns last week have relatives I work with.  I work with Joe's mom and Matt's aunt.  Crazy huh?

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice bike doodling! Happy birthday to John! That's really weird about the Cleveland Browns connection.

Molly said...

Wow, great doodling. I can see the artists & creativity continues thru the generations, Ellen's talent and Robert's mother's talent and probably others. Very very nice.

Didn't understand the comment about electronics. MSP? I know in Pensacola where my brother and sister-in-law teach h.s. they call something FCATs. Oh, just looked it up, Measurements of Student Progress.

Ellen: did we have those in elem. and jr high back then? I can't remember.