Friday, April 06, 2012

Where is my camera?

Good morning, it is Friday!

After today we are on Spring Break!  Yesterday was a nice weather day around these parts.  The kind of day I should have found my camera.  Lillie and her friend Ali were making new dances in the island.  I had to go watch as did the neighbors.  Very cute.

Hansen and his friend were shooting air soft guns in the back yard.  Target practice?  Better than sitting on the x-box all day long.  They also got out their bicycles for a few moments.

Preston got home from soccer early because there was no practice.  Too many sick and injured kids, so they got the day off.  Preston ended up going to the library to study with friends.

Maren was able to relax after a not so relaxing day at work.  And I spend some time on the phone checking the possibility of a Disney Vacation for me and the kids while Maren is at her ALA conference in Anaheim toward the beginning of summer!  Afterward I sanded the hood and the top of the truck a bit more...looking to paint it (again...and better) this spring break.

I will find my camera, I promise.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Preston's team - I hope they feel better soon. We're looking forward to seeing how the truck comes out when you find the camera.