Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Professor Bob Sandler Reading Corner

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday I received this flyer from Bernice about Grandpa Sandler's Reading Corner:
The Professor Bob Sandler Reading Corner
Robert “Bob” Sandler was a frequent visitor and a genuine supporter of our library.  He would often stop by with news of a new publication we might be interested in purchasing or to give us a heads-up on an article of his, soon to be published.  Bob, a retired Professor of English at the University of Miami, remained deeply involved in so many intellectual pursuits, teaching and lecturing on an array of subjects – modern, Biblical, and Holocaust literature, history, philosophy, as well as Tanach and Talmud. In April of 2010 Bob was honored as the co- recipient of the Temple Beth Am 2010 Talmud Torah Award, along with his dear friend George Bosin. It was their persistent determination that we provide a forum for current events discussions, especially regarding Israel, that contributed to the creation of our Sunday Series, now known as the Sunday Salon. Bob passed away in December of 2010, but his beloved wife Bernice, family and friends have fashioned the perfect way to honor him and keep his memory alive in our library. A comfy chair, a beautiful reading light, and a quiet nook in which to curl up and read – welcome to the Professor Bob Sandler Reading Corner.

I think Grandpa would be very happy with how this nook has turned out...I know I am.
See you tomorrow


Molly said...

Very, very nice. (I could only see white squares with red exes in them, where photos might be? What does that mean I am doing wrong? I could read the write up.)

Professor Sandler already has a lasting, enduring and loving legacy with his family and now future generations at his Temple will benefit too from his insight and love of learning.

How very touching and appropriate to have the Reading Corner named for him.

Thank you Bernice, for sharing this with Julian so he could post it. I am glad you are on the mend.

Julian Slane said...

Molly, I use google chrome and the pictures were there perfectly, but after seeing you post I tried with internet explorer and all I got were the boxes. I may try to redo this post so it works with all web browsers. Wacky huh? The first picture is of Grandpa Sandler, the second is of the reading corner.

Amber said...

I hope we can go there and see it in person! Eventually I want this to make it on my blog as well... until then, I'm glad you posted!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think Grandpa would be happy to know about this. I still miss him every day.