Thursday, April 12, 2012

MTB biking and more.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

It is 11:30 am and we are just getting rolling.  Well, the boys are still asleep, but what's new?  Lillie, Maren and I all slept in till past 10:00 am.  And looking out the window it is sunny!  So far a great day for Maren's first day of spring break.

Yesterday was a fun day for me.  Hansen and Lillie went with John and Carol to North Bend to visit Jack and Avery, Maren was working, and Preston had soccer stuff.  So I went mountain bike riding a place not far from home, then went to the driving range to whack some golf balls.
The woods where I went biking is owned by Real Life Church.  There are signs up like this one, and other things to let you know that it is owned by a church and such.  And the trails are very fun to ride.
Plenty of folks must come out to these woods to hang and build while others ride and such.  Plenty of little rock sculptures like the little one in the bottom left of this picture around.  There are also cool bridges and such for very accomplished riders.  If you like smooth and fast, this is not your place.  The single track rides are slow and turny.  I really enjoyed them, but they would not be for Hansen for example.

Last night Preston's soccer team had a great game.  He played great as did the team.  The game ended in a nil/nil tie, but against the 3rd ranked 4A team in the state (and their rivals) that is pretty darn good.  The team has been playing very well of late.

Today it is off to Value Village to shop for Prom stuff...Stef and Annie are having a "Prom" birthday party coming up.  And maybe clean the garage too.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

The sentiment on the sign in the woods is sweet, but I think the sign itself sort of detracts from the beauty of nature. It's good to get a little independent time, once in a while. have a good break! love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Value Village! I still have a few things from there - happy shopping!