Saturday, April 07, 2012

Getting ready for Easter.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

When we wake up it will be Easter!  Egg hunts, bunny footprints, gifts, church, hanging with family, eating yummy food, and watching the Masters (at least the end hopefully).  Maren will be doing the Children's Sermon tomorrow morning at church, I'm sure she will be talking about how He has risen.

Tomorrow will be great, but this evening's blog is about today, and today was a great day.  Lillie had a birthday party to attend, the sun was shining, I painted the truck (again...last time?  For the top, yes, the hood...who knows), Preston  hung out with friends making rap songs for band class, Hansen hung out with friends, Maren caught up on some committee reading, I got a new (to me) bicycle, Lillie got a new Easter dress, and we broke out the BBQ for the first time this year.

Yes, there are some pictures:
Lillie with her new Easter dress.  It may be a little on the short side, but she really likes it.  Lillie will wear leggings and call it good.
This morning we decorated hard boiled eggs.  The kids are so artistic!  I did my own too.  I hate to say it, but I may have started a bad trend in egg design...cracks.
 While Lillie was at her birthday party I ran up to Seattle to trade my mountain bike for this mountain bike at a little store that sells recycled bikes and such.  Now I have a bicycle with suspension!  This is an older bike, but it all works soundly.  I can't wait to go trail riding.
I also painted the truck again.  Last time I tried the weather was too cold and there were little starbursts all over the hood and such.  I did my best to match the top and added a clear coat.  it turned out a little darker than I had hoped, but I am done with it.  After seeing how the top went, I utilized plan "B" for the hood:  matte black.  It looks real nice in this picture, a little rougher in real life.  Between the warm weather, the fast drying spray paint, and driving all over the city, I hope the new paint is dry enough to leave it outside tonight.  It may get dewy tonight, but tomorrow is scheduled to be even warmer than today!

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Dear Julian, Happy Easter to you and the whole family. Here are the eggs we colored. Love, susanna