Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The kids get to sleep in for a couple of extra hours this morning as it is a late start day at all the schools in the district.  Preston is now an hour and twenty minutes into extra sleep, so it won't be much longer till the day is starting.

Sunday was Fairy pictures for Lillie, Avery, and Maggie.  The photos were taken at Yuen Lui as part of a special package they have going...special doesn't mean cheap, it just means different.  While the girls were off being fairies, us boys went to the church's silent auction benefiting the youth mission trip and the Lutherhaven trip.  Preston is choosing not to go with the high school kids on the mission trip, but Hansen is going to Lutherhaven with the jr. high kids.

Before you get to see the amazing photos, you have to sit through the auction...but I'll make it fast.  Hansen won a coffee basket that he is having serious buyer's remorse for because he remembered something else he wanted to buy...but he was sure excited at the time!  I picked up haircuts for all three kids and a gift card for golf stuff.  I already purchased a cool Titleist umbrella online.  I seem to get good use from umbrellas during the winter soccer months around here.  We had a very good dinner and the youth raised a bunch of money.  We didn't help as much as we probably should have with set up and stuff, but we did show up and buy, which was more than I thought would be the case with our crazy schedules.  OK, moving on:

Fairy pictures!  I really like these.  And I especially like the blue backgrounds.  When trying to figure out how to spell "fairies" I went to the Yuen Lui site and saw some finished prints.  It will be great to see them, but I think these with blue may be more stunning.  So yay!  What I'm talking about is the prints will be touched up so the blue background becomes a magical forest and in the cage and and stuff there may be little fairies as well.  They will be great for sure, but when the girls purchased the disk the day of the photos, the unfinished ones were what was available.
 Lillie with her wings and a fairy cage?
Just Lillie.  Isn't she a perfect little fairy?  I posted this pic on Maren's Facebook wall and tagged of her friends thought is was her as a kid.  Maren says she will take that complement any day:)
 Maggie looking magical for sure.  Maggie just loves the spotlight.  You should have seen her leading the dances at the 80's prom!
 And on the opposite side of the limelight seeking spectrum is shy Avery.  Avery is reluctantly taking her turn in the spotlight.  Very cute indeed.
All three together.  If you notice, Avery is wearing an old dance recital costume that Lillie performed in. How cool is that?  Cousin Claire would have fit into these pictures just perfectly, but she has a schedule like ours and it did't work out this time.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

What a neat idea, really cute. Lovely fairies. Thanks for sharing the pix. When you see Lillie along side the younger ones, Lillie really looks grown up!

I've never seen Maren in person, only in photos, but yes, you can definitely see the resemblance of Maren in the close up of Lillian's face.

Knowing you, you will find a photo of Maren at that age and post it.

When & where did you two meet?

Julian Slane said...

Molly, photos of Maren at age 9 and the story of how we met (I was finishing my 1st year of college and Maren was just graduating from high school...we may have been at a party) are top secret. Uh, not really.

Anonymous said...

I love the fairy photos! So cute - and I can't imagine liking a different background better than the blue one. I remember the night you came home from the party where you met Maren - with stars (or fairy dust) in your eyes.