Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Chicken?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

What did I not get pictures of so far this week?  Hansen winning the long jump, winning the relay, and placing 3rd in the dash at his track meet.  Maren teaching a ton of classes and putting up with a ton of gimish at work.  Preston getting to guest for his lower level school soccer team, having a ton of fun and scoring a couple of goals.  Lillie going straight from girl scouts to dance class and practicing a very cool recital routine.

But on the other hand, what did I get pictures of so far this week?  Besides Fairies from yesterday's blog and mullets from the day before?  Have a looksy:
 Coming out of Fred Meyer's the other day there was another van just like mine parked a spot away.  Can you guess which van is mine?  Yeah, me neither.  I had visions of being a kid and getting in the wrong green van with my mom.  Actually mine is the one up close and I didn't even try the other van...but I was very tempted to.  After reading this post, I'm thinking my van was not the one up front but the one in back...I don't know.
 Sports day for the littles.  Lillie has her Cougar gear on including eyeliner.  She is putting on a good grumpy face as she is flanked by Husky fans.
 Lillie at the dentist.  She is still a member of the zero cavity club!  See the little boy and the extra tech on the right?  Lillie is such a good patient they asked her if they could use her as a peer model for a new patient who wasn't so sure about the dentist.  The little boy watched in horror then tried to run away from all dental work for the rest of his life.  Ah, maybe seeing Lillie not mind the dentist and such actually helped his chances of being a good patient.  It is nice that Lillie got asked to do that.
 Smokin'!  Every once in a while (more now that I changed the oil) my pickup truck pollutes the whole culdesac upon start up.  This puff of smoke actually got a neighbor to come out and make sure there wasn't a real issue.  Maybe the new oil is thinner and leaks through the old valve seals easier?  Or maybe the recommended full level is actually too much?  Who knows...but I can't start this thing at school or everyone looks at me like I'm gifting their children with a lifetime of asthma.  Once is blows all the smoke out, it runs just fine.
Lillie after school with her friend and her friend's chicken.  Can't make this stuff up folks.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice pet chicken!