Monday, March 12, 2012

The Seattle Bike Expo!

Good morning, it is Monday.

On Saturday Hansen and I went to the Seattle Bike Expo with Cousins Alex and Kraig.  As you know I love bicycles probably even more than golf clubs, so an expo like this is great fun.  Kraig is my age and used to ride a ton as well, so we were having a great time checking out the new technology and all the cool bikes.  Both Hansen and Alex would rather spend a sunny day playing x-box than going bike riding, but they do like bikes and when the x-box is turned off, bikes may be a second or third.  The kids had fun too, but they could have left a bit quicker than us adults.
 One of my favorite road bikes at the show...made of wood!  All the latest bikes are carbon fiber and such, but I still like a steel bike the most.  What I really would like to find is an oldish steel bike frame in chrome that I could add to it what I wanted.  Maybe some day.
We watched a very cool BMX show with lots of flatland and vert stunts.  The kids thought this was very cool.
 Check out this cool MTB bike.  This is the kind of bikes the kids were geeking over.  And free samples of energy drinks.
I think Kraig and I could have spent even more time in the Classic Bike Show than we did.  These old bikes are so cool!

With bikes on the brain, it is too bad that it had to snow yesterday and there is nothing but rain, hail, and yuk in the forecast this week.  Good thing this week will be revolving around soccer and school.

See you tomorrow.

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