Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

You wouldn't believe this, but we woke up to a couple of inches of snow!  It is not sticking on the roads and Maren had no trouble leaving for her trip to Philadelphia for a work conference.  The rest of us are wondering about the snow.  Will it affect Hansen's first soccer practice of the year?  Or how about Preston's first varsity soccer match of the year?  If your birthday is today (like our friend Kelly's) you are waking up to a "white birthday" for the first time ever...probably even cooler than having your birthday on Friday the 13th, which must happen once in a while if your birthday is on the 13th.

Last night the boys and I made a late night trip to Hairmasters and to Big 5.  The boys both got haircuts and  Hansen got shin guards and new soccer socks.
 The boys with their new haircuts.  Looking good!  Preston had a picture of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo on his cell phone and they did a really good job.  Preston lost his number 7 (the number he used for the last 4 years...and Ronaldo's number) as it was already taken on both of his new teams, but now he is number 18 on the high school team (7 + a slurpee), and number 21 for PacNW (7 x 3), so it's all good. And Hansen gave his haircut two thumbs up too.
 This is a fun picture of Maren's car parked at the lot near the Seattle Public Library.  Maren said that she circled around for a long time and this was truly the only spot open an she wouldn't even attempt it.  Her friend CiKeithia offered to park it...in reverse.  Maren said it was amazing.  CiKeithia folded in the mirrors, and in one quick move backed it right in!  Talk about crazy good parking skills.  Then she crawled out the passenger side to get out.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking haircuts there! Those are definitely some amazing parking skills Maren's friend has. Speaking of snow on birthdays, it snowed in South Florida on Jan. 19, 1977 - my 25th birthday - and that's still the only time it's ever snowed in South Florida.