Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The First Thing To Go?

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

How I didn't get a picture of anything yesterday is beyond me!  I am totally loosing my touch or something.  Or "something" may actually be my brain as yesterday we were so busy that my brain was one step behind.

When I got to work on my bicycle yesterday I realized that I couldn't lock it up because I forgot my keys at home.  Which meant that I locked my keys in the house, which meant that I would not be able to get my car after work to pick up Hansen for track and on and on.  After some deep breathing exercizes, I decided to ride home for my lunch break and see if one of my neighbors (who we keep a key with) was home.  And to my total luck, they were!

So after work I was able to get Hansen to his first track meet of the season (where was my camera?) and meet Maren at the field (John also showed up to hang with Maren and cheer on Hansen) so then I could take off quickly to pick up Lillie from Girl Scouts and take her to dance class.  So far so good, I even got to go hit range balls while Lillie was at dance.  I especially enjoyed getting Maren's text messages that said how Hansen won the 6th grade long jump by a whole foot!  Way to go Hansen.

Once we all were home, Lillie was out riding her bike and playing with neighbors, Hansen was playing x-box, and Preston was sleeping on the couch...and all was right with the world...for a minute, until I checked my e-mail.  Yup, Lillie had forgotten her jacket and her backpack at Girl Scouts.  Normally I would so be on the whole "do you have your stuff question" but not yesterday.  It was off to the troop leader's house to pick up her stuff.  Which wasn't so bad, but Lillie would have been happy if I hadn't as then her homework wouldn't have caught up with her.

See you tomorrow, if I can find it!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Hansen on the excellent jump! Glad the neighbor was home.