Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Bunny Named House.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night I had a nice talk with my dad, I called to wish him a happy birthday and we chatted about golf, soccer, motorcycles and HDTV.   And of course, ice-cream cake.

Earlier in the day it was bunny pictures for Lillie, Jack and Avery.  We planed our trip together and it worked out perfectly.  Easter must be right around the corner!
I took this picture of Avery, Lillie and Jack getting ready for their real pictures.  The photographer took some amazing pictures.  The real bunny was a trooper.  Jack was able to name him for our sitting.  His name is now House.  I'm guessing this bunny may end up with yet another name as the day goes on.
 Lillie gets a moment with the bunny.
This Fairy ad near the front of the door is very cool.  Lillie and Avery will hoping for their own Fairy portraits to be sure...I'm thinking Nana may have something up her sleeve.

See you tomorrow.

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