Saturday, February 25, 2012


Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday after school we were all just hanging around doing nothing.  Maren found this event going on down at the ShoWare Center, so we decided to check it out.  We meaning Maren, Lillie and myself.  Preston, Hansen and Connor stayed home and goofed off for hours.

 This is the flyer.
 Lillie at the Valley Medical Booth with an actual plaster cast put on her finger.  When we got home she actually had the boys going that she had fallen down and we ended up at the hospital casting her finger.
 My favorite booth.  Redline bicycles!  There were a couple of trick riders showing off some cool moves.
We ended up finding a seat in the stands.  It was so crowded you couldn't even move it seemed.  Lillie enjoyed this dancing group's performance.
 One dollar soda and hotdogs!  We had eaten so we passed on the hotdogs, but Lillie was in need of a soda!  Some folks were thowing these play balls into the stands, Lillie is holding on to a blue volleyball she was given.
At a booth using brain waves to move things.  Lillie is trying to focus...trying to focus.  It's hard!

We had a fun time, I probably saw a dozen of folks I know as I always seem to do at these events.  I think the boys think they had a good time, so it all worked out.

See you tomorrow.

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