Thursday, February 09, 2012


Good morning, it is Thursday.

I don't have a picture for you today because I figured a photo of our front door handle would have been too lame.  But that is what I worked on yesterday between driving Preston back and forth from the school for a band function and hanging with the littles while Maren had a late meeting.  The knob has been getting stuck, thus opening and closing the door has been nearly impossible.  So yesterday I sprayed it with WD-40, that didn't fix it, so I took it apart and sprayed it with more WD-40 (in case you're wondering, yes...WD-40 goes side by side with duct tape as a total fix-it-all) but that didn't help either.  After completely taking the insides apart I found there were actually broken parts.

Off to the store.  I didn't want to completely redo all the locks for the whole house nor did I want to add a new key to our key after a couple of trips I was able to find a door knob with the same innards as the old door knob.  After replacing the insides, it looks just the same, our regular keys work perfectly, and most importantly, the door locks and opens and closes.  Yay!  Now to fix the driver's window on my van, the oven (Sears will be here Monday), the windows and paint on my pick-up truck (should bring it to Maaco, but I'm too cheap), the fence, and who knows what else.  This has been a time of things breaking and/or not working with our house and cars.  The kids think we should just move and buy new that could ever happen, NOT.

And on a staying local note, the school board said last night that after preliminary reviews of school closings, the don't anticipate recommending closing either of the local schools at this time!  Yay.  Let's hope they keep their word and follow through when it counts next month.  It is a great choice given the planned growth in our neighborhood.  If they would re-zone in such a way to give us back the students they re-zoned away in the past, it would be perfect.

See you tomorrow. 

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Ellen said...

I hope the school board decides to follow through and keep your school. Congrats on fixing your door knob! I heard on Car Talk once that everything mechanical eventually wears out...