Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pioneer AV Junk?

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Ever since we purchased a Pioneer Elite Audio Video Receiver for our TV set up a year ago it has just not worked well.  It shuts off every hour or so then clicks back on.  I have brought it into Best Buy where we purchased it and they tried to fix it but nope.  Recently it has gotten even worse.  Now a "blue blinking light of doom" comes on and the unit won't turn back on.  After emails with Pioneer and rewiring the whole set up a couple of times it still doesn't work.  Pioneer's answer is to bring it to a service center which the closest is over 20 miles away and be without the receiver and limited tv functions for another month...but with kids, work, and life, that is not really a good option for us.

Since no good for us has come from dealing with Pioneer, my new plan was to just buy a different brand and video tape myself destroying the Pioneer piece of garbage with a chainsaw and posting it on youtube.  Alas, that may be a bit too violent and out of line, but it sure sounds fun.

Last night I decided to give Best Buy one more chance since the product is still under warranty and to buy a new one at the same time.  I hope with the "blue light of doom" blinking that the Best Buy folks will figure it out or send it to Pioneer.  So that is what happened last night.  I purchased the cheapest Yamaha AV receiver I could buy and the Pioneer is off to be fixed.  If they can't replicate the problem and just do a factory reset on it, I will be keeping the Yamaha and going back to the chainsaw option.  If they actually fix it I will probably sell it or something.

The amazing thing was that last night I just brought it [the Pioneer av] in to Best Buy on a whim.  I figured it was over a year old and I may have to pay for shipping or something, but as it turned out last night was exactly one year since I purchased it so everything should be free.

Anyhow, that is my technology rant for the day.  The old TV with rabbit ears was sure easier, but not nearly as nice to watch!

 See you tomorrow

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Ellen said...

I just hate the blue blinking light of doom! We've come to realize that most companies use warranties and rebates as ways to get out of doing what they should - tsk!