Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Green Tongue.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!  While kind of mellow around here, I would say it was a success.
 Maren picked up Papa Murphy's heart shaped pizzas for dinner.  Yum!
 Lillie enjoying a Fun Dip candy package that was given to her by one of her classmates for Valentine's Day.  She and Hansen came home with tons of candy.
I only took this picture because when Preston was walking home from the bus, it was hailing so hard that  the back deck and the sidewalks turned white for a few moments.  Once Preston was in the house the house the sun came back out.  At first glance you may think, oh poor high school kids walking home in the crazy hail...but nope, they all walked home very slowly and just goofed off.

Today will be a run around day as Maren works late, I have student/teacher conferences for both Hansen and Lillian, and Preston has a captain's practice after school for soccer.

See you tomorrow.

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