Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Boys.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

On a week that will include a few birthday parties for Lillie, the boys deserve a little face time.  Preston's schedule is about a hectic as it has been an a long time.  This week he is trying out for his high school's soccer team.  Then over the weekend will be tryouts for his select team.  So, lots of wind sprints, 4v4's, and other tryout stuff.  He said yesterday was tough, but fun.  As a 9th grader he was the fastest of all the kids (grades 9-12) and was put in the varsity 4v4's, so he is hoping to be one of only a couple of freshmen playing for varsity this year.  He is also going to a new team for select, which should be a good change.
It's not just soccer that Preston does well at...Yesterday he brought home his Student of the Quarter in 9th grade science certificate and huge candy bar.  Way to go Preston!
Hansen has registered for soccer this spring too.  It will be track and soccer for Hansen very soon.  But he is still living the x-box lifestyle for now.  This picture of Hansen and his cousin Alex was taken over the weekend at Claire's party.  No, none of the boys got their face painted...myself included.

See you tomorrow.

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