Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Black Diamond Bakery.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a teacher workshop day for our school district.  The end of the semester was Friday and yesterday was report card day or something like that.  While the boys would have been just fine with sleeping half the day away and video gaming the rest of the day, Lillie had other ideas.  She wanted to go to the Seattle Aquarium or hiking at the Flaming Geyser Park.  Since Preston and I both had dentist appointments for 2:00pm, we decided to stay closer to home and go for the hiking.
 This creek is usually only like 4 feet wide in the summer and we cross it to get to our favorite rock-skipping area.  Yesterday we couldn't even cross it due to the high volume of water.  The bridge to the Bubbling Geyser was out of commission, so we were very limited to where we could go.
 We found a different area of the river to check out, but Lillie was quite disappointed that we couldn't do the hiking or rock-skipping that we like to do.  We did have to put up with a few minutes of, "Let's go to the Aquarium instead!"
 After the park, we stopped by the Black Diamond Bakery for some yummy treats.  I don't think the kids had ever been.  It is easy to miss the local stuff when Downtown Seattle is only 20 miles away.
 Lillie is looking kind of short next to this giant sized table and chairs.
Proof that we were at the Black Diamond Bakery...EST. 1902.  Lillie checked out the gift shop and came back saying how it only sold hats and bottle caps.  There were a ton of bottle caps to be sure, all decorated and cute.

Afterwards it was dance class as usual and the show The Voice.  We didn't watch it last year, but I do kind of like it, at least the team building part.  Placing it right after the Super Bowl worked for getting us to watch.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I could go for one of those pastries right about now! Sounds like you had more fun than if you'd sat around at home playing video games. Well, at least Lillie did :)

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