Sunday, January 29, 2012


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday Preston guest played for a local soccer team in the first half of a big tournament.  Yesterday they had two games in our area, in a couple of weeks they will finish the tournament in Oregon.  The level of play in this tournament is a bit higher than what he is used to, but he is figuring it out well.  In the second game he scored a cool header goal off a corner kick to tie the game at 2.  The team lost the first game and tied the second.  Now they just need to win a game in Oregon and they could be looking good.
 Coming on the field in blue and white.  Not the orange he is used to.
 Oregon Premier League signs were everywhere.
The second game in the evening was played under lights.

Preston still has a game today with his Slammers team too.  It is the third game in their State Cup tournament and I think they only need score a goal to advance.  Win or loose, they just need one goal.

So what did the rest of the family do during this soccer weekend?  Lillie got to go to a birthday party at the local indoor swimming pool.  Hansen got to spend the day with his x-box, and I took Maren out to lunch at Panda Express then a quick trip to Costco.

See you tomorrow.

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