Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thawing Out.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

The bulk of the storm seems to be in the past now.  It was supposed to get very windy last night, but I didn't feel that at our house at all.  Yesterday driving home from the Ostergard's house it was clear that Kent got hit very hard by this ice-storm.  Plenty of Kent/Covington is still without power and there are trees down everywhere.  Mostly just big limbs and smaller trees, but there are a few very big trees that snapped off, even in our culdesac.  The big danger now will be both flooding and the weight of the snow breaking carports and roofs.  We should be good in both of those departments, but the TV news will be showing plenty of those in the next couple of days.
This picture is a panorama picture I took with Hansen's camera from an upstairs window.  You can't see the extent of the damage by any stretch, but you can see some broken trees.  As of now things are just thawing out.  The roads and yard are still covered with slushy snow, but it should be gone in a few more days.  By the time school comes around on Monday things should be pretty much back to normal.  At some point over the next few weeks I will probably go out and buy a small electric chainsaw to do cleanup in the yard.  No big hurry.

Today is kind of a hang out day.  Preston has four indoor soccer games this evening as both of his teams have double headers.  Then has a game tomorrow morning as well.  I may take the littles out to the movies while Preston is soccering.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Sorry about the trees in the back yard. take it easy, love, susanna

hathurwala said...

really like ur blog