Saturday, January 07, 2012


Good morning, it is Saturday.

This is exactly the kind of morning that I named my blog after.  I am the first one up, I have a mug of coffee, the house is extremely quiet, and I'm blogging away.  The only noise is Hansen's phone buzzing every minute because he keeps getting text messages.  Ok, now his phone is silent and I just read a couple of his messages...haha.  Hansen especially likes it (I mean hates it) when I catch him texting a friend named Veronica and then I start belting out the lyrics from the song Veronica by Elvis Costello.  

I have gotten the golf bug again, but it has been so rainy that all I have been doing is putting around the living room and changing all the clubs in my bag.  I have a big bag and a push cart, and a small bag for carrying, so I am always switching clubs back and forth depending on if I think I want to carry or push my clubs.  And it is more complicated than that.  If I carry, I only carry 9 clubs in a small bag and I don't want the extra added weight of an umbrella and rain gear, but if I push I carry all 14 in a big bag, use a push cart, and attach my umbrella.  Of course, club selection also changes based on what golf course I will be playing.  Yup, Maren thinks I'm wacky too...or fussy is the word she uses.     
This golfer is not me, but if I was out golfing today, I would pretty much look just like this guy with his push cart and umbrella...only my jacket would be a little heavier.  We call folks who golf in the rain and muck "mudders".  I may be a mudder again some day, but I'm not quite there yet.

Alright, off to clean up some cat barf.  Or maybe I should just leave it for Maren?  Nah, I'll go clean it this time.

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

I don't see how any of that's fussy... the whole thing is for enjoyment! have a lovely weekend & some relaxation. love, susanna