Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another Snow day.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

All of Preston and Lillie's antics worked.  There is no school today, it's a snow day!  What antics you ask? Well, they both did a joint "snow dance" where they wore their jammies inside out, slept with their pillows on the wrong end of the bed, and did a "snow chant" while tossing their pillows before going to sleep.  Wacky, but it worked!  Today we probably still have several inches of snow about.  Today is supposed to be pretty calm, but tomorrow may bring over a foot of snow according to forecasts.

Yesterday was hanging out and watching the snow.  I did take Lillie and her friend Adi to the local hill for some sledding.
 Walking to the school.
 No school thanks to M.L.K Day, but that didn't keep the kids away...the school has the best sledding hill around.
 The snow was pretty worn off the hill, but sledding was still fun.
Walking back home the neighborhood looked very cool.  I think snow totally piled on the trees looks very cool.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

jammies inside out! hilarious. I'm gonna try it.

obviously that did the trick.

(if they had only activated one of the three items, would that have resulted in a half-day of school?)

Amber said...

That is something I definitely miss about growing up in Kent. Maybe if I try to snow dance here in Austin? Eh, I'll keep the sunshine.

sussah said...

Be careful out there! the photos are pretty but I prefer being able to drive around on dry, visible streets. love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Dad just saw on TV that Seattle is experiencing the biggest snowstorm since World War II. Strangely, they forgot to give credit to the Slane kids, but we know what's up!

Bernice said...

I saw on the news about your unusual snowstorm. I guess the kids did a good job (or maybe too good). Well, they'll enjoy their time off, and hope you all stay safe.

Bernice said...
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