Monday, January 16, 2012

M.L.K Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Today is M.L.K. day, while we have the day off from school it is good to reflect on Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and views.  Would he be pleased with the world of today?  Or would new and different hurdles keep showing up on the path in front of him?  I would think that many of the laws in place today he would be good with, but I think the politics of today would have him scratching his head.  Politics, wealth, jobs, taxes, education, health care, and fairness...can't we just get along?  Nope.  And are we really supposed to get along?  We had a guest speaker at church who was quite dynamic and I went to one of her classes last Monday evening.  She pointed out that for all of the history of the world humans have not gotten along and to think they should is just turning your back on history.  Not pretty, and not supposed to be.  Well, she was a speaker brought in by our church who of late has taken strides to be more "Bible based", which seems to me is just a way to justify finding the parts of the Bible that suit one's narrow agenda, and in this case, maybe a little more right winged and narrow agenda.  Anyhow, I don't think M.L.K. would be overly satisfied with the world of today, and I can't say I am either.

But my family, friends, and the place that I live is pretty awesome.  With no school today and being totally snowed in, we all played some fun games last night.  Balderdash was fun, so was Hearts and a card game the kids taught me called B.S.  Yes, B.S. does stand for B.S., but now I know a pretty fun card game that is not bad and better for  an eight years old than Hearts.  Yup, when playing Hearts, Lillie would get mad when she didn't win a trick.  She didn't really get the whole strategy, she just wanted to be the one who starts every time, points be whatever.  Maybe the boys and I will have to trade Lillie for Maren for a game later.

Now to snow.  The next couple of pictures are pretty tame pictures as it turns out.  But you have to realize that is is mid January and we didn't think we would see any snow this season....and we thought this would be all the snow we would get.
 Preston and Connor doing a little snowball fighting.
 Lillie building a snowman.
And the completed snowman.  Just a little fellow.

Right now there is tons of more snow and frozen roads.  Over the next couple of days we are expecting possibley another eight inches of snow.  I doubt we will have school on Tuesday or Wednesday if the predictions are correct.  Today we will probably hike up to the school for sledding, then maybe into town as well...I'm thinking the kids may want a Slurpee?

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

Julian, I really enjoyed your blog today about MLK. I agree with much of what you said - this isn't a world that we are all proud of - always
bickering - not getting along, not being kind to one another. MLK wouldn't be very happy.

On a lighter note, it looks like the kids enjoy the snow, and all the games you play together. I admire what you have with your children - keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Very wise words. I love the little snowman!