Monday, January 30, 2012

Lunch, Movies, CV Rally and More.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a great day.  After church (Maren and I taught Sunday School, and Maren did the Children's sermon at church) Maren's parents took the littles to the movies while I took Maren out to lunch and Preston played soccer.  Preston did make a goal for a game tied at 1, but that was all it took for them to move on to the quarterfinals.  Back to Maren's birthday lunch at Red Robin.  She had a free burger coupon so it was a yummy lunch to be sure, then it was a trip down to South Center for her other favorite stores.  I don't know the names of the places I had to go, but they all had lots of perfumes and soaps and the like.  I did manage to sneak into Sports Authority for a few moments on my own.

 Here is Maren at one of her favorite stores.  They sell just chunks of soaps and stuff.  Wacky.
We knew that Carol was taking Lillie to a movie at South Center and they would have a few moments to check out the make-up stores too.  We figured that there was no way to avoid the universe putting us in the same store at the same time even thought we took different cars, different places for lunch, and totally different agendas.  And sure enough, we all ran into each other.  Here is Maren, Carol, and Lillie.  John and Hansen saw War Horse while Lillie and Nana saw Beauty and the Beast in 3-D.

In the evening there was a "Save Cedar Valley" rally at the school.  Yup, the district has put our local school on the chopping block with it's closure a real possibility come the end of the year.  There are a few very vocal PTA folks who have started Facebook pages and the like to save the school.  What they have started has become a very big movement, and last night in the pouring rain and gloomy weather there were probably 300 folks rallying to save the school.  Will it work?  We shall see.  I doubt the district will close a different school, but this type of support for CV may help them not close any school.  It was a very impressive turn out, amazing really, I was glad to be there.
This is a picture of just some of the folks.  I was in the middle up against the wall for this picture.

And to make the evening even longer I attended the annual meeting at the church.  It was a long meeting with a bit of discussion on some important issues, but it all ended smoothly and I'm glad I attended.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

How amazing to bump into each other when you weren't even trying to! I hope the school doesn't get closed. A while back, the library system here was threatening to close the Hollywood Beach library because of budget cuts. People wrote in (including me) and in the end, some days and hours were cut across the board but the library was saved. Hopefully they'll find a way to save Cedar Valley.