Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Maren and Mom.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Happy birthday to Maren and to my mom!  Both January 19th birthdays...wacky huh?
Here is a picture of Maren from yesterday...or a year earlier if you're only talking age.  We ventured out for a little walk around the neighborhood.
Freezing rain all night has left the area in disarray.  Everything outside is covered in sheets of ice.  The world looks like a glazed doughnut!  But the ice is so heavy that every few minutes you can hear trees breaking and it is pretty disconcerting.
Hard to see it in this picture, but the van (not under snow) is coated with a centimeter of solid ice!  This car is just not moving anytime real soon.
And a broken tree in the back yard.  The way the trees are breaking it is like they were hit by lightning.  Crazy huh?
Yesterday Hansen (right) went sledding with a bunch of friends at the local school.  He was gone for hours and had a great time.
Preston and his friends avoided sledding with the littles of the world, but that didn't keep warm and dry...they played football for quite a while.
And for the last picture of the day...a shot of our TV while Kiro 7 was driving just a few miles from our house and filming the ride.  Yup, where is the road?

Yes, there is no school today for the third school day in a row!

Happy Birthday to Maren and Mom, and see you tomorrow.


Molly said...

Happy Birthday Maren and Ellen!! And this is a SPECIAL one for Julian's Mom, much love, Molly

Love the pix of the snow, ice is no fun coating the car.

Are the PJ's still being worn inside out?

Cookie said...

I live in Georgia and we have been enjoying nice, snow free weather. It's very unusual for this time of year. I grew up in Iowa as a kid and miss the snow sometimes so I enjoyed your snow pics!

sussah said...

Happy Birthday to Maren and Mom (Ellen). and many happy returns of the day, love, susanna

Molly said...

I hope you did not lose power.