Friday, January 06, 2012


Good morning, it is Friday.

I am so glad it is Friday!  This three day week has really dragged on and on.  Getting back into the school swing of things has been hard on us all.  And to make it worse, we have been busier than ever.  Lillie has had dance class, Hansen has had extra homework, and Preston has had Driver's Ed and tons of soccer.

Last night Lillie didn't even want to go to dance class, but I brought her there anyway.  And as it turns out, she was very happy to be there.  She found out that her ballet class is doing a Masquerade for the recital.  Yup, she gets to have a mask...on a stick!  So very exciting.

Preston completed his very last Driver's Ed class/drive last night.  Now it is just keep on driving and when his 16th birthday comes around, get his license.  I must admit that Preston has become a much better driver thanks to the drives that he has had thought the class.  Two nights in a row Preston has gotten home at around 9:45pm due to soccer practice.  I don't think Preston minds so much, but it is hard to get the littles going to bed when Preston is not even home from soccer.

On a more fun note, Maren purchased some fitness game for the Kinect which we tried out for a few minutes last night.  The things we did were kick soccer balls and punch out cubes.  Fun and goofy, this game tricks you into a little exercise.  Cool.

Well, off to the day, see you tomorrow.

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