Friday, January 20, 2012

Birthday Cake.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Snow day number four is today.  In fact, lets just say this whole week has been a snow week as the kids have not had a single hour of school this week!  Yesterday to add to the fun of the freezing rain and snow, we lost power.  The power went out in the morning, came on briefly in the evening, then went out again.  As I type we still have no power.  So how am I blogging without power you may ask?  I am at John and Carol's house where they have power.  Yup, Maren had a 7:00am flight for an ALA conference this morning so knowing there was power here and not wanting to be driving around in the snow not knowing about school and the kids and such, we all just came and spent the night at the Ostergard's house and had a little birthday party for Maren as well.  I did get Maren to the airport where her flight took off on schedule...way better than the folks who tried to fly out yesterday and had flights canceled...about 80% of the travelers.
 This is the view out the front widow of John and Carol's house.  Their cars are totally covered in ice and snow and will not be going out anytime soon.  My car is out front, much closer than down the hill and walking like we did yesterday as we just couldn't make it up the hills on our way over.  As exciting as it all sounds, it really is no trouble and we are just happy to be warm, full, and with power. 
Maren's mini birthday party!  I will never tell how old she is, I hope the candles don't give it away:)  I'm not sure that no power and a frozen rain storm along with down trees and the like are really what Maren had in mind for her birthday.  But I'm thinking this will be one she remembers.  I did call my mom to wish her a happy birthday before the power went out.  I got the message machine and tried to sing a happy birthday for each year but puttered out rather quickly.

Our plan is to head back home around noon, but that may change if the power never comes on.  Some reports are no power till tomorrow.  We shall see.  For now we are doing great, thanks to John and Carol.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! Happy birthday to Maren!

Molly said...

Pretty snow. Not nice ice. Hope you get your power back soon and don't lose any trees. Hurray for welcoming in-laws!