Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back To School.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

We are up and getting ready for school/work.  That's right, yesterday the KSD canceled school because half the schools still didn't have power!  We may be going to school till the end of June this year, but this little break was very nice.

I started the clean up of the back yard.  Once I got started it didn't seem quite so bad.  I have only used the clippers and not yet used the chainsaw I borrowed from John.
 This is one of the piles of branches I have piled up for removal.  I do feel very lucky that we only had small trees fall in such a way to cause zero damage to the deck, fence, or house.  It is clear that there are many folks around who fared far worse.
 What to do on another day off?  We headed up to the outlet stores in North Bend.  Preston needed new soccer shoes and the rest of us like shoes too.  Besides, I was curious to drive over HWY 18 from out house to I-90 as it was closed for several days due to fallen trees.  And it really is amazing how many trees had to be cut and cleared over the roadway just to get it open again.  This is our stack of shoes.  Lillie and I enjoyed a BOGO half off sale at Sketchers, while the boys were shopping sales at Nike.  Hansen and Preston spotted a 20% off sign on shoes and saved us even a little more money!  Preston and I are size 11, Hansen size 10.5...I could use the kids shoes in a pinch these days no problem!  Lillie's are very cute little camo/butterfly shoes.  She also completed her camo/butterfly shoes with a trip to Claire's and a necklace that is a little black bottle filled with poison along with a skull and cross bones for warning.  Yikes.
 But Lillie did enjoy a quick little ride with Pooh Bear.
I found this picture on my phone.  Lillie has been following the cats around taking pictures.  You know the cats are tired of her when they actually visit me.

See you tomorrow.

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