Sunday, December 04, 2011

You Smell Of Meat And Cheese!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday Maren got to go to the outlet stores with her friend Judy. They did some Christmas shopping for whoever they could. Maren sent me some pictures of shoes and such for the boys, but these boys are next to impossible to shop for! So no shoes for them, but Maren did pick up a few nice things! While she was gone it was just me and the kids. I put up some Christmas lights on the house and refilled the bird feeders, the kids acted as if boredom would overtake them. We did make a very funny video of Preston gathering up some disgusting foods, mixing them together, then attempting to eat it. Attempt is the key word, and while the kids really want this video on the blog, I am thinking about it for another day or two...not sure anyone really wants to see it that is over the age of teenager:)

In the evening our local community center had a visit from Santa! As Elf is one of our favorite movies on the planet, the kids enjoyed saying, "You aren't Santa! I know Santa! You smell of meat and cheese!" Luckily they didn't actually tell this to the nice guy playing Santa.

They took some pictures for a very small fee, but I was able to take one with my own camera too.
There were arts and crafts set up. Even Preston got down and did some coloring. Hansen was too busy visiting the coffee and cupcakes area to even notice there were crafts.
Lillie making play-dough candy canes.
Lastly, this is our group leaving the Santa area. The littles are checking out their gift bags and it looks like Santa is taking a well deserved breather in the background. Actually I think he is getting ready to greet the next little person, but this picture cracks me up. I thought it would be our only picture taken on my camera of Santa. You see, the kids insisted that Maren and I be in the Santa picture as well. It was on the way out that I talked the kids into the picture you saw first in today's blog.

See you tomorrow.

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Molly said...

I vote for a picture of Julian on Santa's knee.