Saturday, December 17, 2011

Grandpa Sandler's Yahrzeit Candle.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Last night Maren and I were invited to a Bunko party! It had been a whole year since I played bunko, but it all came back in a flash.

As you can see by my scorecard, I am not very good at this game. I did tie for last place, only to loose the last place spot in a roll off. That is about a looserish you can get in the game of bunko. It was a very fun evening.

These four books are books that I have written! Yup, these are books of my blog that Maren had made. One for each year I have been blogging. In just a couple of weeks we will be ordering one more. The layout is exactly like my blog, which is what I was hoping for.

The next picture is a picture of the Yahrzeit Candle that is burning right now in our house. This candle was lit in memory of my Grandpa Sandler who passed a year ago tomorrow. Similar candles are being lit for Grandpa accross the the country. My mom's cousin Carol had a nice blog post about the Yahrzeit Candle and its traditon, here is a link: My blogger has a very strange format today, so you may have to cut and paste the link into your browser.

See you tomorrow.


carol said...

It's nice to see your Yahrtzeit candle Julian. Molly sent me a picture of her candle too, and although it was not the standard yahrtzeit candle, it glowed very brightly in front of her wood stove. And thanks for the shout out re. the Sandler Family Archives blog. That light shooting out of the candle looks very cool too. That makes Washington, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Texas that people lit candles. He was covered coast to coast.

I am sorry you lost out on being last place in Bunko, maybe next time, LOL….

Wow, I am impressed by your five books from your blog and feel inspired to eventually do that with my blog and Robert Sandler's Views blog - that was the original idea - get all the articles on the blog and then print it out as a book.

Anonymous said...

Our candle is burning, too. This afternoon, we'll go down to Bernice's and then we'll all go to the grave. A very sad day. I'm glad so many candles are being lit - Grandpa would be happy.

Bernice said...

What a great idea - making books of your blog. You have a visual memory of all those days - terrific.

It's so nice to see the Yahrzeit candle, and how happy your grandpa would be to know so many people are remembering and honoring him. Thank you Julian!!! Your Mom and Dad were here - we went to the cemetery, and then to the Temple and I showed them around. The library was not open, but we'll go another time.

And you can add California and Connecticut to the list where candles are lit - my two daughters......