Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Value Village Sale.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was a 50% off sale day at Value Village for club card members. What did that mean? Well, we shop and shop, then show them this card:

And boom, 50% off your purchase. At first just Preston and I were going to go, but then the others decided to come along too. And good they did, Lillie and Maren did very well. As did myself and Preston. Hansen was happy with one Christmas shirt. Maren couldn't decide on a very fancy pair of shoes while we were there that was priced at $20.00. A bit pricey for V.V. shoes (even at our half off $10.00), but they were in brand new condition. She didn't buy them, so they went with the other discards.

Once we got home, she went online and the cheapest we could find the exact pair was $89.00. So after dinner Preston, Hansen and I ventured back out to see if we could find Maren's shoes. Preston was all happy to go because he wanted to drive. Hansen sits in the middle of the middle row so that if Preston gets us into a crash, he is in the "safe spot"...kind of funny but not really. Who knew how hard night driving is for colorblind people. All the street lights, red lights, green lights, and car lights look exactly the same! Thanks to patterns and smarts Preston will be a fine driver, but yikes! Back to the Value Village story. Yes, we did find the shoes! Maren is a happy girl. In all we spent like $90.00 at V.V. for this half price sale. A quick look at retail prices and I figured we saved nearly $700.00! Now that's something to blog about.

See you tomorrow.

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Bernice said...

You all got some great bargains..
Happy holidays to the whole family.