Friday, December 02, 2011

The Tree!

Good morning, it is Friday!

I have been trying to learn my new computer and all its quirks. Windows 7 won't let me publish any blog stuff in my Windows Explorer which is wacky, but a general quirk with the blogger program from what I read. To combat that I downloaded Google Chrome. I think I like Explorer more, but what can you do? I also have a new e-mail with google, but I am not switching over to it fully because you can't search google mail as well as MSN mail. Computer stuff...can't really complain because my new computer is so much faster and better!

I have been spending a few days writing and creating our Christmas Letter! It is fun, short, and doesn't contain anything of any substance whatsoever. In other words, it is perfect! We will be getting them out in a week, so if you don't get one, let me know and I can make sure we have your correct address:)

The Christmas Tree went up last Sunday. And yes, per tradition, we did sleep under the tree. Kind of. I slept on the couch, the kids on the floor. Maren choose her bed. We told totally goofy stories and had lots of laughs. About half way through the night I wandered back to my room and Preston took over the couch. Lillie would be happy to sleep on the floor under the tree every single night.

This is Lillie getting ready for a crazy night of sleeping under the Christmas Tree.
Last night Hansen and I were off to pick up his new glasses and get him a haircut. As we were leaving Preston ran out, said he wanted to get a haircut too...and he wanted to drive. Safely home with two new haircuts!

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Hi Julian, with the non-Explorer browsers, you can see the "dynamic views" of your blog. Like this. the tree looks pretty. love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the tree and nice haircuts!

Julian's Blog said...

Wow Susana, the dynamic view is pretty darn cool. Maren just shopped making our blog into a book with the site named blog2print. She made books from the first 4 years for us for Christmas. After the new year we will make the most recent year into a book too. Very simple site.

Molly said...

Sleeping under the tree? Hadn't heard that tradition before but gotta start it here. Great idea. Do the kids sleep under the tree on Christmas Eve too? Does Santa wake them up? Ho Ho Ho.