Friday, December 30, 2011


Good morning, it is Friday.

What?  Another post without pictures?  Yep, seems my models are out goofing off rather than getting their pictures taken.  Last night Hansen and Lillie both went out on overnights.  Hansen is at John and Carol's house along with his cousins Alex, Miles, and Jack.  I will head out there in a couple of hours with lunch and a birthday cake for Hansen (just one of his parties) to see how exhausted the grandparents are.

So what have I been doing?  I went golfing the other day at Lake Wildness Golf Course.  It is very short compared to the courses I have been playing, but the fellas who play there are very nice, it is close to home, and the rates are reasonable...I just may switch my membership there this season.

I just got in from replacing the shocks on the old pickup truck.  I took of the original ones (like 22 years old now) off and put an new and slightly upgraded set on.  The old ones wouldn't even move back to position once compressed...needless to say the truck rides much better now.  The job wasn't too hard, took a couple of hours all told, and I saved about $200.00 if I had let Les Schwaab do the work for me.  I also painted over SpongeBob, but it is clear I parked the truck outside just a bit too early and then the rain just never it will need another coat of paint get rid of all the cool blotchy rain marks.

Last night Maren and I hung out and watch the Alamo Bowl.  The Huskies played great and had Baylor along with their Heisman Trophy winning footballer kind of scared.  Fun game to watch if you don't care for defense one little bit.

I will try to get a picture or two for tomorrow's blog.

See you tomorrow.

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