Friday, December 09, 2011

So What?

Good morning, it is Friday!

As you know the boys got haircuts a week ago or so. Lillie has been wanting a haircut, but didn't want to go with the boys back then. But to say a haircut has been on her brain would be a true statement. Then yesterday I showed Lillie the fun blog about her cousin Aurora cutting her own here. Well, we had about an hour after dance class before Deck The Balls Wipeout! Can't miss that show. So we raced over to Great Clips. The place was empty and Lillie got right in.

Her hair is still long, but now more one length and in good shape. For a while. Today is "dress like a rock star" at her school and Lillie has big plans for her hair. I'm hopeful that I can actually help in the manner she is hoping I Lillie can be a happy rock star.

See you tomorrow.


Molly said...

She is too lovely to go as Mick Jagger.

And are you going to be An Adoring Rock Star Fan screaming like 1964 Beatles' fans?

Bernice said...

Lillie, You look beautiful...I love your new haircut.

carol said...

"Dress like a rock star day at her school"……my, things have changed since I went to the Robert Treat Paine school in

Hoping we get to see 'the rock star look' regarding fashion and hair !

carol said...

whoops, forgot to say Lilly does look beautiful with her new haircut !