Saturday, December 31, 2011

Party Time.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday Hansen celebrated his birthday along with his cousins.  We all met at the Ostergard's house at overnight pickup time and celebrated with pizza, pop, cake, and cupcakes.  Sounds like the overnight was a huge success and all the boys had a wonderful time.  Preston and I picked up six Little Caesar's pizzas and within moments five of them were gone!  Here are a few pics:
 Grandpa is lighting candles on cupcakes while Avery is testing out the frosting.
 Hansen and Alex making quick work of the pizza and pop.
Here Hansen and Alex are showing off their mad computer skills to Lillie and Miles.  Hansen received great birthday gifts!  And he is not done yet.

Have a great New Years!!!  See you next year.


Amber said...

Is Hansen working on a mustache? Pretty soon you're going to have a house full of teenagers!!! Yowza. Happy Birthday Hampster!

Julian Slane said...

Yup, the kid is growing like a weed. I think that Preston, Hansen and myself all wear about the same size shoe these days. Yowza is right.