Monday, December 12, 2011

Girl's Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Maren, Lillie and a bunch of other girl relatives got together for their annual Girl's Day. I was not there, but I heard some stories and received some pictures so I can blog about it. The evening started at Stef's house and then headed straight into downtown Seattle.

The littles got to have a make over at Sephora! I'm not sure who did this make up make over, but it looks good. I also heard stories about a very flamboyant girl/boy who was doing makeup makeovers as well.
The Christmas carousel was a big hit as always.
Here is a pic of the whole gang. Look out Seattle!
Well, kind of look out! My favorite story is how the girls all piled in this glass elevator to head upstairs...Why doesn't this elevator go upstairs?!? Too many viewings of Willie Wonka's glass elevators or something:)

Anyhow, the girls of all ages had a great time. And now for something you won't see everyday:
Yup, Preston and Maren with matcher holiday jammies. Maren always has this dream that everyone wears matcher jammies on Christmas morning, but it never really happens for more than her and Lillie. These were purchased after Christmas last year. Hansen wouldn't wear them and I don't have a pair, but Preston is a good sport.

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

What a delightful tradition - Girl's Day. Lillie, especially,
looks so beautiful all dressed up and made up. And all the fun
things they did!!
Preston and Mom in matching PJ's - what a great shot. You have such
a great family, Julian......

carol said...

"the littles got to have makeover at sephora", really ? when you're in the fourth grade, what needs to be made over ???!!!! Guess i'm heading on over there right now !

"flamboyant girl/boy who was doing makeup makeovers as well" What ???!!!

Love the matching jammies - now that is something you don't see everyday and I don't understand why you don't have a pair Julian :):) lol……..+ good for Preston for being a good sport !